Suspended ceilings West London

Suspended ceilings for Kundi Motors in West London

By Dryline 5 Dec 2020

Dryline is proud to showcase another successful project, this time at Kundi Motors in West London. We were tasked with enhancing the establishment's interior environment by installing suspended ceilings, integrating an air conditioning entrance, and upgrading lighting fixtures. Our team rose to the challenge, delivering a comprehensive solution that not only improved aesthetics but also enhanced comfort and functionality.

Suspended ceilings West London

The installation of suspended ceilings at Kundi Motors brought a breath of fresh air to the space. We carefully designed the suspended ceiling system to complement the existing decor, seamlessly blending with the overall theme of the establishment. By concealing unsightly structural elements and wiring, the suspended ceilings created a clean and polished look, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and customers. Moreover, the air conditioning entrance integrated into the suspended ceiling system provided a seamless flow of cool, fresh air, enhancing the comfort of both employees and clients.

Optimising Lighting Efficiency

The new lighting setup not only brightened the environment but also reduced energy consumption, contributing to cost savings and sustainability. The combination of suspended ceilings and enhanced lighting transformed the atmosphere of Kundi Motors, creating a welcoming and well-lit ambiance that added value to the customer experience.


The completion of the suspended ceiling installation, air conditioning entrance integration, and lighting upgrade at Kundi Motors is a testament to Dryline's commitment to excellence in interior transformations. Our expertise in suspended ceilings West London, combined with innovative solutions like the air conditioning entrance and LED lighting, delivered a comprehensive improvement to the establishment's interior. Suspended ceilings continue to prove their worth as a versatile and impactful solution for commercial spaces, providing aesthetic appeal, comfort, and efficiency.