Raised Floors

Dryline offers a comprehensive range of raised floors in London. Our team are experienced raised access flooring contractors and have worked in a range of industrial and commercial properties on large-scale projects, included raised floors for computer and server rooms, along with offices, retail and leisure.

What are the advantages of raised access flooring?

There are lots of reasons why businesses need raised flooring in their properties. It’s more efficient, it’s low maintenance, durable, and it saves money. Here’s a list of the benefits of raised flooring.

Raised flooring is energy efficient
Raised flooring is easily adaptable
Raised flooring is low maintenance
Raised flooring can improve the indoor air quality
Raised flooring can easily even out the surface of a floor

Dryline works with a number of leading manufacturers of raised floors, and the solutions we recommend are always individually tailored to the client’s building and functional needs.

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Raised Floor Systems for Offices, Data Centres, and Server Rooms in London

Any modern office in London will have computer and communication networks that will need to be concealed. A raised floor is the ideal solution to hide and route wiring and cabling so that it is out of sight. At Dryline, we provide total raised floor systems for offices, server rooms, data centres, and other types of commercial and industrial settings.

We work with clients at the start of their projects to design, supply, and install raised flooring; and we continue that relationship with ongoing inspections and routine maintenance as required.

Our service is driven by quality, value, and delivering upon all agreed deadlines and timeframes for completion.

The Benefits of Working with Us

Dryline specialise in the provision of high-quality dryline services across London. Our business is trusted and well established in the city. We have the skills and experience that enable us to deliver large-scale, comprehensive projects and the agility to help with micro drylining projects as well.

Highest standards of workmanship – fully certified and insured
Competitive pricing - guaranteed
Experienced raised flooring company in London
Trusted business with a superb reputation
Consultative and communicative – so you always know what’s going on
If you need to find a company in London that designs, supplies, and installs raised flooring, then contact a member of our team today. We can answer any questions you might have, arrange a visit, or give you a free estimate for your project.