replacing suspended ceiling

Replacing the ceiling grid in London W1J

By Dryline 22 May 2023

Dryline Ltd recently undertook a project London W1J, where we were tasked with replacing the ceiling grid and tiles in an existing kitchen area. The clients requirement was to refresh the space while ensuring practicality and ease of maintenance.

To meet these objectives, we decided to reuse the existing trims, minimizing waste and reducing costs. We selected vinyl faced tiles that were not only durable but also capable of withstanding light-duty cleaning. This choice ensured that the kitchen area would maintain a clean and hygienic appearance with minimal effort.

Trust us to replace your ceiling grid and tiles in an existing kitchen area in London W1J.

Additionally, we paid careful attention to the placement of services and lights within the ceiling. To achieve a seamless and polished finish, we skillfully cut holes in the tiles to accommodate these fixtures. This attention to detail allowed us to create a clean and organised look, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the kitchen space.

Given the need to minimise disruption to the clients operations, we scheduled the works on a Saturday, outside of regular working hours. This allowed us to carry out the project efficiently and effectively without interrupting the daily activities of the staff.

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