suspended ceilings

Luxurious and creativity stimulating place

By Dryline 02 Nov 2016

We are glad to inform, that our company has recently managed to finish a comprehensive project, which was based on creating an office space from scratch and arranging it in an efficient manner. We have taken advantage of our skills and experience while making wooden door frames, stylized door, and preparing customized floor-covering for our client.

All of the aforementioned elements have later on been combined with a durable glass partitions and sturdy, yet easy to modify panel-based ceiling. The area we have been working  in is rather characteristic due to its unusual shape (interestingly angled parts of walls, especially in a close vicinity to window), but it has been a fulfilling sensation to be able to change a plain office into a luxurious and creativity-stimulating place. Proper insulation, efficient air conditioning, and ergonomic lighting?

All of those elements are also a part of the discussed spot! The realization has been comprehensive in nature and that is why the outcome is so breathtaking!