Glass Partitions

Glass Partitioning , raised floor, lighting and suspended ceilings.

By Dryline 27 Oct 2020

Glass Partitioning for Office Meeting Rooms  in West London - Alperton.

Our client evaluated a number of solutions and materials before choosing to go with a glass partitioning system for a number of meeting rooms in their building. As their office was already an open-plan design, they wanted to keep the light and airy feel, but there was a definite need to add these rooms in keeping with their transparent surroundings.

We supplied and built the modular glass partition walls, as these presented the most appealing advantages over drywall partitions and a traditional sealed glass system. Aside from this, it was likely the company would need to make some adjustments to the space as it grew over the coming years, and the ability to easily move these partitions into new positions meant they offered the flexibility and affordability the client needed.  

This was another example of a project that was delivered on budget and ahead of the deadline.
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