Office Partitioning Wembley

Frameless glass partition for Thaitana in Wembley

By Dryline 28 Oct 2020

Frameless glass partition upgrade ! This prestigious customer decided to upgrade and update the design of their open-plan office in an attempt to reduce the background nice and improve office acoustics. At the time we quoted them for a new office partitioning system, they were also comparing the cost of upgrading their telephony equipment, specifically the implementation of modern noise-reducing headsets.  

We made a compelling case and were able to produce documentation about installations of office partitioning. This included demonstrable figures and statistics about noise reduction and improved acoustics. Once accepted, we got to work and were able to utilise the skills of our in-house team to get the work done quickly, to the highest of standards.   The staff have already remarked on the improvements in the noise levels, and after our follow-up with the client directly, they’ve noticed a significant improvement in the acoustics, without having to upgrade their headsets.  

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