many individual offices

A completely versatile space, with so much potential!

By Dryline 27 Jul 2020

The team at Dryline were called upon to help one of our clients by creating an illuminated frame, which would later become the basis of many individual offices. Using in-house design expertise and experience in modern office space design, we have created what can only be described as a perfectly versatile space that offers stunning aesthetics and functionality, without any compromise on either side.   

We were able to easily divide the available area into smaller chunks, creating perfect conditions for work, relaxation during coffee breaks, and the realization of one of the most demanding projects imaginable!   Each and every unit is satisfyingly lit, and we selected white frames to emphasize space and light. We believe this structure will serve its initial purpose brilliantly, as it has been designed with the ultimate comfort of the customer and the quality of utilized materials in mind. Therefore, durability, comfort, and safety have each been high considerations.  

Should you want to become the owner of a similar office space, contact us today and let's discuss the details together.